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Misa Watanabe
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Misa Watanabe
Misa Watanabe is the Chairperson of Watanabe Production Group (consists of 12 companies and 1 foundation, Watanabe Productions and Watanabe Music Publishing Co.,Ltd. etc.) and serves as the Honorary Chairperson of Music Publishers Association of Japan, contributing unceasingly to the modernization and internationalization of the Japanese music industry for half a century. She has uninterruptedly participated in MIDEM since its first launch in 1967 and continues to have a profound relationship with international music industry professionals and artists. Her efforts enhanced and contributed to the growth of the Japanese and French music industry and music culture.
The achievements of Misa Watanabe have eventually made a mark on international music industry.
Under her leadership, WATANABE Production has become one of Japan music industry's most successful and respected companies.
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